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It’s quite rare that one encounters true passion and professionality in an individual, such as I did in my engagement with Mr Chagopa

- George Herbst, Van Breda & Herbst Inc

Hi Raphael, I hope you are well. Last December at your shop, you gave my wife and I very good service in helping us with a rather embarrassing problem. Refreshing the Laptop for you might have been a walk in the park, but for us it meant much more and that you went the extra mile for us. We wanted to show our appreciation by offering a well meaning gift, but your professional persona would not have any of it. I must admit, we were left with a void, that only giving something could have filled, because we know at what cost you showed us kindness. Your kindness will always be remembered, and I hope to one day return the same. A thought at ACTS 20:35, says that: ".....there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving..." I am sure you have much to be happy about..... Keep well.

- Jeremia Z.J. Kock

Great attitudes, great service. Thank you all so much. Good, positive people are hard to find – your people on the ground are doing an awesome job!!!

- Cathy Harris