Advancing a more diverse, equitable and inclusive tech industry

Our goals and progress


Develop skills and improve wellbeing of 500,000 factory workers by 2025, since the beginning of 2015.




Assure respect for labor-related human rights5 for 100% of our key contracted manufacturing suppliers and higher risk next-tier suppliers by 2030.


312,000 supplier factory workers have participated in

programs since the beginning of 2015,2   62% of the way to our goal.



Will be reported in 2021 Sustainable Impact Report.


Double factory participation1  in our supply chain sustainability programs by 2025, compared to 2015.


Reach 1M workers through worker empowerment programs by 2030.


 13% increase, compared to 2015.



Will be reported in 2021 Sustainable Impact Report.


Maintain greater than 99% completion rate of

annual Integrity at HP training among active

HP employees and the Board of Directors.


99.1%3 of employees, including senior

executives, completed Integrity at HP training, as

well as all members of the Board of Directors.


Double our number of Black and African American executives by 2025


Double Black and African American technical representation by 2025

Achieve 90% (up from 84%) in inclusion index score for Black and African American employees in 2021


 Achieve 50/50 gender equality in HP leadership by 2030.4


Achieve greater than 30%  technical women and women in engineering by 2030. 


Will be reported in 2021 Sustainable Impact Report.



Will be reported in 2021 Sustainable Impact Report.



Will be reported in 2021 Sustainable Impact Report.



Will be reported in 2021 Sustainable Impact Report.



Will be reported in 2021 Sustainable Impact Report.

Diversity drives our innovation engine

Diverse teams create transformative solutions that better serve our customers and advance how the world works and lives.

Enabling our partners and employees to drive lasting impact


HP Amplify Impact 

Our partners are empowered to help drive a more circular and low-carbon economy, cultivate a more diverse, inclusive and equitable supply chain, and improve the vitality and resilience of local communities.



55,000-Person Sustainable Impact Team

Every employee is encouraged to set a sustainable impact goal as part of their FY21 goal setting process. 


An ethical and sustainable supply chain

HP has on one of the IT industry’s largest supply chains. With our suppliers, we are driving positive impact for workers, communities, and the environment. Learn more in the 2020 HP Sustainable Impact Report.

Where are HP’s products manufactured?

HP's products depend on thousands of production suppliers across six continents. We disclose the names and locations of the production suppliers that represent approximately 95% of our manufacturing spend.


United States(164), Canade(4), Mexico(12)


Brazil 20, Costa Rica 1


Denmark 4, Ireland 7, Sverige 2, United Kingdom 11


Belgique 9, France 4, Deutschland 35, Nederland 6, Sussie 10


Italia 7


Česká republika 8, Polska 1, Romania 1


Türkiye 3, UAE 1, Israel 61


中国 213, Indonesia 2, 日本 41, Malaysia 19, Philippines 9, Singapore 54, 한국 14, 臺灣 地區 50, Thailand 6, Vietnam 4

Our approach


Putting workers’ rights at the center

Through influencing and engaging across the supply chain, we combat forced labor and protect workers’ rights. 

Building capabilities and skills

With our partners, we offer programs that help suppliers continually improve along their sustainability journey.

Reducing environmental impact

Suppliers are essential partners as we work to drive low-carbon and resource-efficient transformation.

Responsible minerals sourcing

HP sets clear requirements of 3TG suppliers in accordance with our industry-leading policies and monitoring practices. 

Responsible minerals sourcing

 Any connection between the materials used in HP products and armed violence or human rights abuses is unacceptable. 

Eliminating conflict-related risks from our supply chain

In 2020, HP obtained acceptable responses to RMI Conflict Minerals Reporting Templates from suppliers representing 97% of our 3TG procurement spend.


We are expanding our conflict minerals efforts beyond the DRC and surrounding countries, supporting RMI initiatives, and engaging the supply chain to address updated expectations.

Sourcing minerals responsibly requires globally coordinated efforts across sectors and industries. We collaborate widely to advance the use of responsibly sourced minerals. 



We insist that all workers receive fair treatment and have access to freely chosen employment and safe working conditions. Learn more in our 2020 Sustainable Impact Report.

Human rights

HP champions respect for human rights in everything we do and we use our scale and influence to promote positive change.


Policies and standards

Our policies reflect international standards and guide us in embedding human rights across our business and throughout our value chain.


Proactive due diligence

We carry out human rights impact assessments and due diligence in our operations and supply chain to identify and address any salient risks.


Collaborating to advance human rights

HP engages in public forums and multi-stakeholder partnerships to drive progress, such as the Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment.


Ethics and anti-corruption

We expect everyone at HP to meet the highest ethical standards and to treat others with integrity, respect, and fairness. 


Privacy and cybersecurity

HP recognizes the fundamental importance of privacy, security, and data protection to our employees, customers, and partners worldwide. 


Government relations

HP advocates for public policies that enable our business to grow and our customers to access our latest innovative technologies.

Featured resources


Supplier sustainability requirements

Suppliers doing business with HP must comply with our sustainability requirements, including the Supplier Code of Conduct.


Supplier diversity registration

HP’s commitment to diversity extends to purchasing decisions and relationships with business partners and suppliers.


Supply chain milestones

HP has a long history of leadership and achievements in our supply chain.


HP Racial Equality and Social Justice Task Force

We're doing our part to end systemic racism and inequality by identifying and executing on the biggest opportunities we have as a company to drive societal change.

Our awards speak for themselves.

Over 80 years of commitment to sustainability is just the beginning.