YES Programme Initiative

The Future is Not About Flying Cars

When you think of the future, what do you see? Flying cars, advancement and automation of certain functions like shopping, driving (already there), eating or even visiting loved ones (holograms). Whatever options were in your head, I can guarantee ‘employment’ wasn’t on your radar.

That is a little part of the problem. Unless you are faced with unemployment or work in HR or are looking for a promotion, one seldomly visualises the general climate of employment. It can be taken a step further to say; there may be a lot of programs tasked with the objective of youth employment, however not enough to make an impact.


Post COVID-19

This is due to many factors; post COVID-19 adjustments economically, emotionally, physically, and the rise in the rate of hand-to-mouth occupations. Basically no one is willing to hire for the same rate as they did before COVID-19. Now aggregate today’s situation and project the kind of future South Africa, and the world at large will have. 

Suddenly, flying cars don’t seem that relevant anymore. Suddenly, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind. Once focus is adjusted or put into perspective, the importance of a chosen aspect gains momentum. It’s for this reason that the existence of the YES!4Youth program is imperative. 

The South African Context

As a wide, diverse, and advancing population South Africans need employment, more specifically the youth. The youth is the generation that will change tomorrow. If more than 30% of the youth remains unemployed, that leaves a huge chunk of the population without jobs. If they have children that 30% becomes 40%, then 60% and the cycle continues. The unemployment gap needs to be closed if we ever want to live in a better future.

Employment isn’t enough. Earning an income isn’t enough. What is the most common thing an employer seeks from a potential hire? Work experience! It’s not enough just to be employed.
Skills, language, etiquette, logic, and many other features are necessary to deem one employable in a corporate context. 


YES! To HP Store South Africa

HP Store South Africa and the YES!4 Youth initiative have taken the first step in improving the current unemployment situation, post COVID-19. The program is geared to equip the youth with a year’s worth of experience including but not limited to; being a part of a team, working under pressure, the milestones involved in strategizing and aiding in setting up the average unemployed youth with corporate skills that will bolster their employment status. 

More than that, it’s about being a part of a unit that can be likened to a family. There is no organisation that exists without a goal, vision, mission, and overall corporate milestones. HP Store however takes this a step further.

Imagine joining a team that prioritises unity. By understanding and practicing unity it becomes possible to not only stay on course, but also makes it easier to navigate the detours encountered along the way.

With a slogan such as; ‘Creating customers for life’ HP Store is an organization that understands how important it is to build bridges, not burn them. 

What is the future now?

Flying cars and automated functions won’t fix our future. These might be lovely things to have, but unless our goals aren’t geared towards having an impact on things that have a grand impression on all of us, 15 years from now we’ll still have a high rate of unemployment. Not only with the youth, but with all ages. It’s time to change how we visualise the future, now!