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In a time when the restrictions on physical gatherings steadily diminish, and schools re-integrate back to in-classroom teaching – it is also time to get back to the basics of play and learning.

The last two years has seen children from pre-school to middle-school going ages spending more time in front of screens as classroom learning had to take to online because of the Covid-19 pandemic – but more than that, their time spent watching television, or using tablets, gaming consoles and smartphones also increased.

Screen-time balance

For years, experts around the world have warned against the dangers of increased screen-time being observed as many children turn to these devises, not only for play and relaxation, but increasingly, for edutainment too. 

Experts in child development also have consistently emphasised the value of co-playing with younger children for their neural and psychological development.

According to expert insight some of the more detrimental effects digital media – against all its other conveniences and benefits – is that it provides “impoverished” stimulation to the growing human brain – in other words, children need to feel, create, assemble, and solve problems in a variety of settings and experiences to enjoy the wonder of their minds wandering.

A printable solution

To add to that world of creative reasoning, crafting, and learning, HP has introduced Printables, a platform with thousands of high-quality printable materials free to use. 

The platform offers a vast collection of learning content from children as young as 3 years-old, to those of primary school going age to get their minds active and engaged through playing activities, art therapy, crafts and much more.

From engaging worksheets that help with fine-tuning their motor skills for the 3–4-year-old age group, to worksheets that also help them learn spelling through improving their visual memory – these free printable worksheets, make learning fun and interesting.

Bringing out the inner artist

Children between the ages of 4-5 years old have the options to flex some of their artistic muscles through arts and crafts worksheets, such as one identifying different flowers and having fun making it through cut and paste.

Arts and crafts also teach children valuable skills in making meaning of the environment around them, such as through objects, ideas and how things function and come together.

Learning beyond the classroom

And for the older children, between Grades 1-4, activities and games geared at honing their English, Math and Science skills are set to strengthen what they’re already learning at school – but only make it more fun and engaging.

Top educational experts have developed these paper-pencil based activities that help in developing brain functions, enhancing motor skills, and strengthening problem-solving abilities.

The worksheets can be used to supplement what children are already being exposed to and taught at school, or as an introduction to basic concepts before entering the pre-school environment through fun initiatives in knowledge construction.

Completing the activities provided through the printables can also boost a child’s self-esteem through their ability to complete tasks successfully and foster a profound sense of accomplishment in themselves.

HP, your partner in printables

HP Printables is constantly developing, with new collections of curated printables and partner content being added. One such partnership is the Masha & the Bear series, where hundreds of learning worksheets were created with its characters. Parents wanting to sharpen their little ones’ skills in all these pivotal cognitive growth areas can visit the HP Learning page and choose from the wide variety of printables.

In a time when touch and outside play with others was very nearly rendered obsolete, it’s time for parents to also get involved and get in touch with their inner child too by setting aside time to partake in these activities with their children. Subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest curated content and exclusive printables.