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Unlock your future!

We've partnered with We Grow SA and some awesome educational institutes to bring you valuable online courses, empowering you to further your studies. With over 2500 courses to choose from, log on to your best life.

We are offering our customers access to the best online educational content, through some of South Africa's top online courses, as well as international ones.

We believe that education is the key to a better future, and we are so excited to be part of your personal growth.


Purchase any computer at one of our national stores or online and receive your online education voucher with opportunities to study from wherever you are.
Your new computer is the gateway to a whole new world of learning & personal development. What’s more awesome is there’s something for everyone, the value adds made available are not just for you; you can share them with family, from kids to teens to adults and with friends.

How can WE help you?

We are offering education options from primary school to high school, to tertiary education… there are lots of professional courses to choose from.
All you have to do is select the partner and course that best suits you, register and start learning.
Good luck!!!

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Redeem My Voucher

Once you have decided which education partners you would like to further your educational journey with, simply click on the 'Redeem My Voucher' link below and follow these easy steps:

  • Confirm your e-mail address
  • Select the education vouchers that you would like to start using
  • Check your e-mail for the voucher code
  • Register on the education platform you have selected
  • use this code to activate your product and begin learning

Redeem My Voucher

You can come back at any time to redeem another voucher for an additional educational partner, using your unique registration code found in your brochure! YES, you can complete as many courses as you’d like!

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Customer Testimonials

"We Grow SA is an excellent initiative- one that should continue to make an impact on peoples lives as there is no greater gift than education."

"I fully support the We Grow SA campaign and my children are going to enjoy it. I myself will continue to do some courses online."

"I purchased a Notebook from the HP store and received a We Grow SA educational voucher with my purchase. I was really fascinated with the campaign and eager to find out more information about it. It is a wonderful Christmas gift for my daughter. My daughter was planning on taking a gap year as there was a concern and uncertainty as to how studies would be financed, however this voucher is the first step in acquiring new skills."

"I was teary eyed when I received a We Grow SA voucher. This is the best Christmas gift my daughter could receive."

"What I love about We Grow SA is that it is not just restricted to one education provider. There is something for everyone."

"Education is the most powerful
weapon which you can use
to change the world."
- Nelson Mandela